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Chapter 2 – The Base

I still have to wait for 5 minutes until the next bus come. Damn it, my arm hurt so bad…I can’t wait any longer. It takes about 15 or 20 minutes to reach the base. There are few people coming to wait for the bus, I can senses that they little bit suspicious with me. It’s too risky. Gotta find another way. I remember there is another bus stop with different line but I can take this bus to reach the Base. I left the bus stop, walk along the canal until I find another bus stop. The bus coming right away. The bus driver looking at me.

“are you okay young man?” The bus driver asking me with his high tone. He is suspicious.

“yeah” I answer the question quick.

I give him 1 euro for the bus ticket, then I left him but I can see other passengers staring at me. The bus start to moving, but the bus driver still looking at me through rearview mirror. I keep calm. I sit near the door.

“what happened with you?” An old lady asking me while other passengers looking at me.

“I got hit by a car”

“you should go to the hospital. You look bad”

“yes I know. But I can handle this. Thank you mam”.

I just realized the coat which I stole from the beggar is full of dirt. I try not to make another chat with the old lady but then….

“are you sure?” She asked me again. She is looking to my arm.

“yeah…I’m okay mam”. I can’t stand anymore.

The wound getting worst. I can see the blood drops on the top of my shoes. I decide to got off from the bus in the next stop.People are become more suspicious. I’m walking to the door, wait until the driver open the door. I got off the bus quickly and I see the bus driver is talking on the radio. I’m in big trouble!

I start to run as fast as I can. The base is about two blocks from here, it is not that far. Irislaan street look very quiet. I go to the third house on the left, and look across the street. There is an old man walking with his dog, and there are three kids walking with their mother. Looks normal. I left the house and head to a house in the corner of the street. I’m entering the house slowly. I see there is box near the door. Shit..what the hell is this ?? It could be something dangerous. I look inside and I see someone behind the desk, its Bert!. The man standing from the chair and looking at me.

“Where are you Jones?”

“I called you 5 times but you didn’t answer my call and ….what the hell happened with you man ?”

I can’t answer the questions I take off the coat and Bert is shock. He go to the kitchen and he come back with medicine, bandage and other stuff .

“Man, you have some serious problem.”

“Someone shoot me! I was walking when suddenly I fell and I saw blood in my arm. Then I heard lot of people screaming. I don’t know how long I have been lying on the street”
“I was tried to warn you about this”

“About what?”

“I think someone try to kill us. Not only us but all the agents in Holland. I got a messages since 4 days ago, 2 agents killed in the last 2 nigths”. We have to clean up the Base.

I keep thinking, what’s wrong with all these things.

“Aaarrgghhhh……” I look to my arms, and bloods is everywhere. It is worst than I thought.

Bert is my partner in Groningen. We supplies the agents in North Holland. We collecting the information, gadgets. We are the Hub. Bert has been in the organization since 10 years ago. This is my 4th year as a Hub.We help agents running their missions but we barely meet with the agent. This time something bad happened.

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Have you ever come to a situation where you can not focus doing some works ? I try to focus but then somehow, I lost my  focus/concentration.  What in the world happening with me ?  Share your experience…!

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Hello world!

Finally, I reach the world of unlimited access, unlimited boundaries…yes, I joined the blog world.